How it works

The world's most compact water purifier optimized for your convenience so you can focus on getting hydrated!
Install & Purify

- Install the water purifier in under 60 seconds and start producing the highest quality drinking water right away

- It works with 90% of all standard faucets in the market, you can easily connect it anywhere in the world where the tap water is officially potable

-  Produce 2.5 liters per hour with model "Gustav" or 5 liters using his older brother "Gustavo"

- Detach the water purifier when you have enough clean water and enjoy your faucet for other usage

Drink & Enjoy

- Enjoy light om water with up to 97% reduction in organic and inorganic pollutants (bacteria, viruses, micro plastics, pesticides, nitrate, hormone and medicine traces)

- Use om water for infusions, smoothies, tea and coffee. Om water is also ideal for baby nutrition! 

- Free your household and kitchen devices from limescale forever

- Use our 25 litres Demijohn pure glass water balloon or 1 litre light glass water bottles to store om water and have direct access to light, pure water whenever you need it

- No need to buy mineral water in PET bottles anymore!

Send & Service

- 12 months of guaranteed performance of your water purifier

- No more remembering to buy and exchange cartridges every couple of months

-  Simply send us your water purifier using a pre-paid slip after 12 months and we will return it to you within 48 hours 

- Each water purifier is produced, hand assembled and quality checked in Switzerland before being shipped out 

- Delightful pure water, easy maintenance and friendly for the environment!


Hear what our customers have to say about om water

Das gefilterte om Wasser schmeckt weich und süffig. Ich empfinde es als eine Bereicherung für den Alltag und die Gesundheit. Ein Osmose Filter in dieser handlichen Grösse ist absolut genial. Ich habe richtig Spass am Wasser trinken, vor allem auch seit ich den Glasballon dazu genommen habe. So hat man immer sauberes Wasser bereit und der Glasballon wertet das Wasser auch optisch nochmal auf. Eine exquisite Sache :)

Having bought bottled water in PET bottles for years now, I am so happy that there is a better, more ecological and more economical alternative with om water. I'm not sure why I haven't made the switch earlier. Love the water. It's the best.

As a mother to a small baby, I'm always worried about what is in the water that I use for my baby's formula. With my om water purifier I don't have to worry about this anymore. Thank you!

I adore the taste of om water, but I have to be honest, what I love most is not having any limescale in my household devices, coffee machine and water boiler and not having to use chemicals to remove the limescale anymore.

I first tried the water at a friends house at a dinner party. Since then I literally only still drink om water and hate leaving the house without it. Also I drink much more nowadays as the water is so light and tasty! Thank you om water for making it so easy to have the best drinking water every day!

In the summer my kids simply adore the fresh fruit infusions that I make with the om water. It simply tastes lighter and better. Furthermore, I do not need to worry about there being any toxins in the water anymore.

Easy 3 Step Installation

Install your water purifier under 60 seconds

  • Step 1

    Unscrew the aerator from your faucet

  • Step 2

    Mount your new om water adapter onto your faucet

  • Step 3

    Attach your water purifier by pushing down the coupling ring and attach it through a simple click function. Done!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Every water purifier is produced, hand assembled and quality checked in Switzerland with 12 months performance guarantee. We fully stand behind our product and the quality we deliver to our over 3000 clients (most of whom came to us through client recommendations) and we are happy to offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!